Advanced Modules

This page displays a selection of our optional Advanced Modules, which focus on specific genres. These are available to be purchased after you have successfully completed the first two assignments. Each Advanced Module contains one module and one assignment. A certificate of achievement can be downloaded once the assignment is successfully completed.

Bridal Makeup Techniques & Airbrushing

₱ 5,499.00

In this advanced module, Eryn Shannon will show you advanced bridal makeup techniques and introduce you to using an airbrushing system to create the perfect bridal makeup.

Business, Branding, Marketing & Social Media For Makeup Artists

₱ 5,499.00

Dreaming of starting your own makeup artistry business?

In this module, you will learn about the logistics of starting your own business and the process behind building your brand and marketing your business.

You’ll develop valuable skills for working with clients and establishing a professional reputation. In addition, you’ll learn the different ways of advertising your business, including building a website and using social media.

Personal Branding Photography for MUAs

₱ 5,499.00

Photographer & MUA, Nolene de Jager, teaches you about the craft of photography. and how you can combine this knowledge with your skill as a makeup artist, as well as key social media & branding principles, to build a strong, unique personal brand.